What are the actual therapeutic effects of one of the most meme’d parts of the Depp/Heard trial?
And what can we take away from the trial?
May's Topic PostI apologize for sending this so late! We’re well into may so that unfortunately doesn’t provide much time in between seeing what people’s ideas …
A look at why blood clots may be so prevalent with adenoviral vector COVID vaccines.
A look at the "Highly Inflammatory" study, and things to consider with LNPs.
An addendum to yesterday's post and how I jumped the shark.
An examination of Dr. Palmer's brief assessment.
Evidence of the Haphazard SM-102 SDS change.
And a look into the SM-102 hubbub
Part II: Criticisms, Scapegoating, and Conclusion
Part I: A Brief History and an Examination of the Report
Delayed April PostApologies for all of my paid members, but my April post may be late by a day or two. Unfortunately it’s one of those things that seemed to have …