Making Sense of a Nonsensical World

Welcome to my Substack! The Pandemic has been trying on many of us. For me, it has helped to highlight the faults in many of our institutions, including medical and scientific institutions, places that I would have assumed to have been held in both high standing and high regard.

I no longer feel that is the case. In fact, I feel that so much of what we see happening now is a reflection of the cultural and social dysfunction that we are continuously inundated with as a consequence of modernity.

Science, a once grand field that would have previously been considered the epitome of evidence-based principles and rational thought, has now been relegated to a position focused solely on absolutisms and ideology.

Well, I’m here to tell you that “following the science” is not, by virtue of the phrase, a way to learn, understand, and internalize true science. There’s a big difference between claiming to “follow the science”, and to actually follow scientific principals, test hypotheses, and enter into the arena of free-exchanging ideas.

COVID has taught me that one of the worst things to lose is the ability to make sense of the world.

This Substack will serve as an attempt to rectify that. Here, I hope you will find a community focused on learning, one that tries to rationalize information and engage in sensemaking.

Remember that it’s not about being a scientist, it’s about being open to learning, and I hope that this Substack encourages more people to become active learners and attempt to make sense of the world around them.

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