Part V-1: Mice as the Possible Origins of Omicron
Part IV: Attenuated Lung Infection, Change in Disease Pathology?
Part III: Loss of Neutralizing Antibodies
Part II: Omicron's Vastly Different Viral Behaviors
Part I: Introduction and Examining Phylogenetic Trees
The attempts to dictate how people operate in the workplace are depending upon incoherent science and policies.
A Collection of Posts on Monoclonal Antibodies & Omicron
Part III: Concluding Remarks and Citations
Part II: Examining Molecular Modeling and Nonclinical Studies
Part I: Overview of the Common Antibodies in Circulation
Struggling with the idea to “forgive” and “forget” in the coming New Year.
Today, CDC Director Dr. Walensky just stated PCR tests may stay positive for up to 12 weeks, well after people have commented on the test's high…