Substack is acting up

Substack has been undergoing routine updates. Although they tend to improve features a lot of times it leads to a lot of issues. It appears this week many people are not receiving posts on other Substacks.

This morning I made a paid only post that goes along with my Introduction to Pharmacology post from last week. Apparently that went out to only 14 people. Looking up the Subscribers it only sent it to the most recent Subscribers. Why? I’m not sure. In order to get around the larger posts I decided to remove figures in emails and add them to the post on this site and update it there. Maybe doing so right after sending out the email messed things up, but either way hardly any email was sent out.

So here’s another post reminding people of the post from today. I apologize if this is spamming your email boxes but sometimes you have to work around Substack more than with. And if you don’t receive an email please check either your spam folder or the site for recent posts.

Modern Discontent
Pharmacology: Applied Knowledge Answers
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