I did a Twitter naughty...

I would say that I’m one of those boomers in a millenial’s body; I really don’t understand my generation. With that, I extensively avoid social media as much as possible. The only reason I created my Twitter account was to promote my Substack, but I rarely do that because the nature of Twitter felt very destructive- it made me unproductive and it made me very reactive. So, every now and then I would post something from my Substack with my most recent post being the Dr. Ardis rebuttal from yesterday.

Well, apparently Twitter considered this a violation of their COVID policies and my account has been locked. I find this extremely ironic considering that Substack continuously asks to link to your Twitter account to “make it easier to post” when in reality it seems like an easy way to get yourself in a position to violate Twitter’s completely arbitrary rules.

The dangerous tweet in question:

This is a large consequence of censorship where any dissemination of information would be immediately considered dangerous, even though my post was rebutting the claims made by Dr. Ardis.

This certainly isn’t anything new for many people, but I find it rather hilarious that it happened to me. It just goes to show you really don’t know when you run afoul until you’re persecuted for doing so.