Dear Modern Discontent,

Thanks very much for your articles with such in-depth analysis of the most pertinent topics, based on your obviously long experience with and interest in molecular biology and on your energetic research of the latest developments.

I have not had time to read your recent articles fully and I look forward to doing so.

For me, and I guess some or many other readers, there's no need to apologise for length or how many articles it takes to properly cover a topic.

Best regards

Robin Whittle

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Thanks for the comment! I guess I think people may prefer shorter newsletters, but I'd rather not try to post so often if it damages the flow of ideas (like here). It does help to stop me from possible reacting and posting something without looking at the evidence first.

But I really appreciate the comment! I'm glad to know what some readers are thinking and that they approve of the way that this newsletter is written.

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