Too Long; Didn't Send

So I made a post yesterday about creating a new series of posts around general information. Many of my newsletters, especially the Anthology Series, partially had the assumption that my readers would be able to understand most of the information that I presented. Of course, that’s a bad assumption to make so I’ve decided to start making a so-called “Mini Lesson” set of posts that people can refer to for more information about a topic that can be used to supplement gaps in knowledge. With these posts will also come a section called Applied Knowledge that will ask some basic questions and try to have you apply the knowledge you have just learned. Answers to these questions will be posted at a later time in a paid-members post but feel free to ask any questions about the topic or about clarification on content/Applied Knowledge questions. And please provide feedback in regards to my approach to these topics!

All this to say that, apparently, my post yesterday was too long and didn’t send through the email. The first Mini Lesson is on Pharmacology, so please take a look and let me know what you think:

Modern Discontent
An Introduction to Pharmacology
I’ve always considered being a teacher and was considering going to graduate school to become a professor. Of course, life had a different idea in mind. Although I didn’t become a teacher I still love the idea of learning and spreading knowledge. Many of my newsletters have been made with the assumption that my readers will understand a lot of the infor…
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