I have an overarching theory that I arrived at after a lot of diggning and beyond. I have a suspicion that a lot of infections by toxoplasma and similar organisms go undiagnosed, in part because the diagnostic methods are very outdated, and in part due to arrogance. and habit on the part of the medical establishment.

There have been strong connections established between this particular organism and neurological diseases, cognitive disorders, etc. etc. But the medical industry has not yet figured out how to monetize this, and so it is sitting out there as an obscure thought, and research is research, and medicine is medicine, and those two live on two separate planets.

I actually suspect that a lot of "long COVID" (perhaps not all of it but a sizeable chunk of it) is caused by undiagnosed microorganisms like toxoplasma (and possibly other ones) who have been sitting quietly or mostly quietly in many people until the immune system was disrupted, and then, once the immune system is compromised, which has happened on massive scale, incrementally and then suddenly, they rear their ugly heads, but the doctors don't even think in this direction for the most part, and so the people suffer, and keep suffering.

Anyway, the article is very detailed. If you can't access it because it is behind the paywall on Dr. Mercola's Substack, here is a link to the PDF https://media.mercola.com/ImageServer/Public/2022/September/PDF/chronic-active-toxoplasmosis-pdf.pdf


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Thanks for this in-depth dive into parkinson's. As a physical therapist I've treated many people with this ailment, it sure is a tough one.

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